Sunday, March 18, 2007

International Mailings - Postal Cost Savings

For US and Canadian Companies looking to do a mail out - there are terrific cost savings to be had by using a mail drop service in the country your mailing to, especially when it is another country.

Local cost for a business letter in Canada is 51 cents Canadian. The savings for a US company would be around 10-25 cents per piece.

The second advantage would lie in having your mail shop doing a pre-sort - Canada Post and the US Postal service all give discounts on mailings when the information is presorted to the local walk.

Something that WLC has been able to do for several large mailers - large being in excess of 25,000 pieces into Canada. Is provide a delivery point for which to send all mail pieces - we then send them out, our cost still saves the mailer a large chunk of change.

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