Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Email Blasts - Cheap and Easy way to test new options

Opt In email marketing has created some wonderful new options for Direct Marketers.  In the by gone era of Direct Mail, marketers were force to outlay a large amount of money to merely test a list or marketing idea.  The math used to workout to 1 dollar per piece, with printing and postage costing the largest part of the cost.  Now marketers can do an email blast and instantly have a profit or loss on the program.  Sometimes its about generating information or filling a survey or just educating a group of business execs.  The big difference is the cost per piece can be as little as 2 cents and as much as much as 40 cents per sent email.  The higher side is usually for opted in B2B email and lower end for non-targeted consumer email. 

As a direct marketer, it is important to look at all the options for testing your offer.